About Us

Where we act

"The Mathare slum is a region in the north-eastern part of Nairobi and is next to Kibera (Nairobi), not just the second biggest slum in Kenya, but in whole east Africa. A census in 2006 estimated, that around 600,000 people lived in Mathare, with rising tendency due to overpopulation and high birth rates. Even more frightening about this number was the estimated number of around 100,000 street children living in Mathare slum."

Who we are

"The chosen vessel’s organization is a community based organization that identifies, mobilizes and channels all the available resources for socio-economic empowerment and development. The group of fourteen people try to provide assistance in terms of life skills, information provision and humanitarian work such as psychological meetings and workshops. The organization see a lot of potential, especially in the younger generation that is just unreleased due to the fatal circumstances the youth has to suffer with."

Our Mission

"The chosen vessels mission is to reduce the devastating unemployment phenomenon among the youth by guaranteeing an adequate education system, employment links and individual counselling. The aim in long term is to create a cohesive, dynamic and prosperous society that is self-reliant in terms of knowledge, skills and finances."

Our Projects

"The chosen vessels" - Schools

“The chosen vessels” built up three primary schools in Mathare to target the most vulnerable children. The educational programmes stick the governmental fulfilments, giving the children the opportunity to proper educational training. The school fees of 6$ per month are used for providing food such as breakfast and lunch, and to support the mostly voluntarily working teachers. But even children that cannot pay these fees due to familiar problems are supported by funding of the organization and well-wishers. So far, the organization is capable to grant proper education for nearly 150 children that is guaranteed by 10 voluntarily teachers.

Drug-addict therapy

The high rate of drug addicts in Mathare, even in children’s age forced “The chosen vessels” to start a Drug Addict-Empowerment programme to help people in overcoming their addiction. Therefore, they offer the addicts to come to psychological intervention talks every week and employ them in the local gym. This sportive activity aims to overcome their boredom-consumption and should lay focus on their own health.

Rural Entrepreneurial Workshops

At the moment, the organization focus on the youth in Kisumu, western Kenya, by offering them access to sportive and positive activities like soccer. Therefore, they started to form and support a Kisumu Ladies soccer team. Aim is to give them vision to strive for success and employ them in useful belongings than leaving them alone in idleness and boredom. Next to this support in leisure, different workshops are planned. These workshops should cover up topics like business, an economic way of thinking and micro-investments. With that knowledge, the people are capable to create their own countryside-integrative businesses with an appropriate income. Thereby, especially the fish-farming business stays in focus for the organization because it promises a lot of income. In 2019 the Kenyan agriculture government released a statistic, that an average person consumes just 1.9 kg fish per year, which shows the high demand of fish in comparison to its availability.

News from the Blog

Give Corona no Chance! // 01-03-2021

For now, the whole world is suffering from the Corona pandemic situation. But especially in surroundings like Mathare, the virus shows his most dramatic effects....

Get involved


If you are interested in supporting our project, we would be very thankful for your donation of money. Next to other organizations, we guarantee a 100% transparent transfer directly to our organization without administration- or registration costs. But not just money can be used in our projects, also donations of goods or food are mostly welcomed. Just feel free to contact us via mail or phone then. Thank you for supporting us!

One smile a day...

In our programme of "One smile a day..." you have the opportunity to support a certain child in our school regarding school fee's, food and daily school goods. With a monthly payment of just 10$ you allow a child to live it's life without suffering anymore.


No money but a lot of manpower and you are open for a life changing experience? Then feel free to apply for our volunteer programme! Dive deep with us into the life of Nairobi and it's Mathare slum and experience the love and potential all over this place. In comparison to other Voluntaries, at our place you just will pay for your accommodation and your food, without any administrational fee's. Just contact us via mail and feel free to ask anything if you are interest! Become part of our big "Mathare family"!