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A new school! A new home?


It is finally done! The new school building is constructed and with a solid concrete ground even more protected against flash floods during the raining seasons. Thanks for yor help and stay safe during Corona!

New Books for everyone!


The main key for a proper education is to provide the acquired tools for it. More often, a lack of books, pens, or note books lead to an insufficient learning experience for many kids in these rural areas. Thanks to your help we were able to buy a lot of new school books with the aim to provide a learning kit with a book for every subject and other learning gear. Throughout Corona we are providing a safe and protected surrounding for the children, with an upcoming new school building in the next month.


Give Corona no Chance!


For now, the whole world is suffering from the Corona pandemic situation. But especially in surroundings like Mathare, the virus shows his most dramatic effects. Low to no sanitation and medical care combined with the high population let people suffer in the slum everyday. With your help and donations we were able to provide not just reusable face masks, but also hand sanitation stations! Due to the lack of space even a new school building is under construction at the moment to allow Corona-safe school lessons. The new building is going to have concrete foundation and should harbour 30 more potential students from the Mathare Slum. Thanks for your donations and stay updated with us and our project!

New Desks and Tools


To start the new year with a lot of motivation, the organisation was able to buy material for a whole set of new tables and desks. Thank you very much for your financial support! In a session of one week, the teachers crafted new desks with a lot of help by our school children. Thereby, they learned how to use diverse tools and made their heads free from learning and stressful surroundings for a bit. If you are interested in our project and how you can contribute, feel free to contact us via mail ([email protected]). We wish you a successful and blessed new year. Stay safe and healthy!

Daily Food supply


The year 2020 is coming to an end and christmas is coming closer. Still, we are working non-stop to allow children in Mathare access to education and food. Therefore, with your spendings we managed to get new kitchen ware like plates and a big new cooking pot! Without you, we are not capable of feeding 150 children everyday, but for now our feeding programme runs for one year without andy delay. The children get their breakfast and lunch in our school, which allows them to participate in the lessons actively and compensates their bad conditions at home. With your help, we want to provide our services to more children in th Mathare slum straight by the slogan: 150 done, 400.000 still to come! Stay up to date what our next plans are in our monthly blog and have a blessed and relaxed christmas time. We, the "The chosen vessels Kenya" wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2021.